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Intan Chemical Group Seminar & Workshop

Intan Chemical Group Seminar & Workshop

On 18 March 2022, Intan Chemical Group together with Perkosmi, IAI and Hisfarin Bali hosted an annual event themed Essential Oil. The event, entitled Essential Oil for Living, A Way to go Nature, concerned about the benefits of essential oil in our daily life. How the essential oil gives positive impact through the scent and application on various products and direct usage. 

The audiences came from different background, from essential oil enthusiast, big corporate, and also big manufacturer from all around Indonesia. The event also aired on youtube live streaming from Intan Chemical Group YouTube Channel .

The Event started with talkshow from the expertists in the area of Essential Oil GCMS Analytic, Dr. Ir. Anton Apriyantono, MS.; Dr. Lanny Juniartini as the Founder & President Director of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic. who is an expert in Skin Care. And also Windy Kristina Agustin as a Certification Specialist related to products regulation in Indonesia. The Talkshow lead the audience curiosities to the application, technical issues and also regulation of Essential Oil in their products.

After the lunch break and  the event then continued with the presentation from PTSP Bali which explained the updated regulation from OSS System. Essential Oil for Living, A Way to go Nature seminar & workshop also invite three professional who master the usage of essential oil. There are Charles Esposito, the expert who combined Essential Oil and Skincare products. Shane Lee, a professional perfumer who have a workshop open in Bali and also a perfume Class, performing making fragrance using Essential Oil. There is also a professional Spa team that used Essential Oil to give massage to the audience so they can experience the benefits of Essential Oil on the spot. 

The event is succeeded with hundreds of people attending the seminar and workshop and also streamed live on our YouTube Channel. We are more than happy to share the benefits of Essential Oil to our customers and everyone as we believe that it is our responsibility too to give a slight knowledge of how Essential Oil can benefit people positively in their lives, products, and also the business. 

All the products used in the event are originally manufactured from PT. Triefta Aroma Nusantara and also we have more than that. Dont hesitate to contact our representative sales to get our latest updates. 

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