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Group Update – Triefta Aroma Nusantara

The Importance of Essential Oil Packaging

The shelf life, quality, beneficial properties, and safety of an Essential Oil are all heavily influenced by how it is stored. When stored in the proper container and at the proper temperature, essential oil can have a maximum shelf life. On the more lenient end of the spectrum, properly cared-for Essential Oils can last for ten years or longer, depending on the type of oil and storage conditions.

All Essential Oils will eventually expire and become unsafe to use, so proper storage and handling are beneficial to all oils. The oxidation process causes an oil’s quality to deteriorate gradually, causing it to lose its aromas as well as its nourishing properties. While Essential Oils from citrus fruits are known to oxidize faster than all others, expiring and losing their scents and benefits as soon as six months after being opened, Essential Oils with earthy or woody aromas, such as Patchouli and Sandalwood, tend to smell even better with maturity, taking much longer before beginning to weaken in potency and aroma.

Thus, the lifespan of an oil can vary greatly depending on the quality of the source botanical and harvest, the extraction method and conditions under which the oil is distilled, the batch/lot, storage and handling of the oil when it is first received by both the supplier and the customer, and the supplier’s method of bottling, storing, and handling the oil.

In Triefta Aroma Nusantara, we provide you with the most versatile packaging for Essential Oil. To be safely delivered to you and ensure that the quality inside the bottle does not evaporate too fast over time.

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