PT Intan Chemical


Intan Chemical Group is dedicated to sustainability, blending responsible economic growth with environmental stewardship and social welfare. We minimize our footprint through eco-friendly practices, prioritize workplace safety, and engage in community development. Our commitment ensures lasting prosperity for our planet.


In our quest for environmental responsibility, we begin with our immediate surroundings. We organize various activities to engage employees in green issues, manage company waste sustainably, and promote eco-friendly transportation and logistics. Additionally, we actively contribute to greening our environment and provide training to empower local communities with knowledge for a healthier, sustainable world.

Humanitarian Outreach

At Intan Chemical, our steadfast commitment centers on fostering a positive and enduring influence within our local communities.Through our continuous charitable efforts, we extend a compassionate hand by offering essential support to address the pressing needs of those seeking assistance.

We firmly believe that even small acts of kindness can yield substantial improvements in the lives of individuals and serve to fortify the bonds that unite our communities. Furthermore, we have joined forces with humanitarian organizations to address the challenges of poverty and injustice faced by children, families, and communities.

Through these partnerships, we provide vital resources to support those in need, furthering our mission to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the world around us.

Comply Regulatory

We are deeply committed to placing workplace safety at the forefront of our operations. Our dedication includes the implementation of a robust management system to ensure the highest standards of safety within our company. Additionally, we steadfastly adhere to all government regulations, maintaining a culture of order and compliance to safeguard the well-being of our employees.
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