PT Intan Chemical


Aromatic Chemical

Aromatic chemicals, whether from nature or synthesized, are renowned for their captivating fragrances,pivotal in the fragrance and flavor industry. These compounds, with aromatic rings, offer diverse olfactory experiences, from floral to spicy. Vital in perfumes, cosmetics, and foods, they enhance our sensory world and everyday experiences.

Vanillin Powder

Vanillin is a versatile compound with chemical groups like aldehyde, hydroxyl, and ether. Its main use is in the food industry, where it adds flavor to sweet foods. Ice cream and chocolate rely heavily on vanillin, making up 75% of its use. It’s also used in candies and baked goods. Besides food, vanillin is found in perfumes, and it’s handy for covering up unpleasant tastes or smells in medicines, animal feed, and cleaning products. 

Essential Oil

Manufactured by Triefta Aroma Nusantara, an integral part of the Intan Chemical Group, our essential oils are prized extracts used in various industries. These concentrated compounds, derived from natural sources, serve as versatile ingredients in aromatherapy, skincare, and holistic wellness applications. By capturing scents and therapeutic properties from diverse botanicals, these essential oils offer a natural approach to relaxation, healing, and fragrance, making them valuable components in professional settings.


Manufactured by BénBérg Aröme, an Intan Chemical Group member specializing in taste and scent creation, our fragrances are vital components in various industries. These meticulously crafted scents enhance product appeal in applications like personal care, cleaning, and consumer goods. Tailored to meet professional needs, they create differentiation and lasting impressions, offering businesses essential tools for success.


Crafted by BénBérg Aröme, an esteemed Intan Chemical Group member specializing in taste and scent creation, our flavors are essential in various industries. These meticulously developed taste enhancers cater to professional needs, elevating the flavor profiles of food and beverage products. With a focus on quality and consistency, they empower businesses to meet consumer expectations and create distinctive culinary offerings.

Food Colorings

Food colorings are essential additives in the food and beverage industry, employed to enhance the visual appeal of products. These specialized color solutions come in various forms, offering manufacturers a versatile means to achieve vibrant and consistent coloration in their culinary creations. Whether in liquid, powder, or gel format, food colorings meet stringent quality standards, ensuring the attractiveness and marketability of a wide range of food products.

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