PT Intan Chemical

Intan Chemical Group CSR | February 2024

A Day of Joy and Giving: Intan Chemical Group at House of Hope

On 3rd February 2024, Intan Chemical Group brought a wave of joy and wonder to the children at House of Hope – Yayasan Panti Asuhan Sejahtera. Our day-long visit was a vibrant mix of entertainment, learning, and shared moments, embodying our commitment to community and corporate social responsibility.

The event featured a magical bubble show, mesmerizing magic tricks, and the unique storytelling of a talented ventriloquist, all designed to light up the children’s faces with smiles. These moments of laughter and awe were complemented by a shared lunch, fostering a sense of togetherness and warmth.

Our team also hosted quizzes and presented gifts, adding to the day’s excitement and creating lasting memories for the children. It was not just a day of fun, but a meaningful opportunity to connect, inspire, and give back.

This memorable visit to House of Hope highlights Intan Chemical Group’s dedication to making a positive impact in our community. It was a day filled with joy, laughter, and the reminder that together, we can create moments of magic and hope for those around us.

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