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2022 is already started, New Years mean new opportunity to change for the better, make new innovations and new developments. For 2021, Intan Chemical Group has a remarkable milestone as every group member’s development is creating a strong foundation for a brighter future. As we never stop developing, Intan Chemical Group started 2022 with a variety of innovations, which we will summarize below.

BénBérg Arôme - The Timeless Perfection Series

BénBérg Arôme has launched The newest and most unique fragrance formula, The Timeless Perfection Series. The combination from each ingredients provide surprising note completing each of the scents. The touch of a holiday atmosphere concentrated in every drop provides an exclusive experience in every scent that comes in five variants of fragrances


Moana is a fresh modern fragrance with luxurious feminity. A pleasant Blackcurrant combine with elegance made of two high qualities of Rose and Geranium blended with Bourbon Vanilla, the most expensive extract in the world. These combinations create a perfect scent for your daily needs.


A combination from the finest ingredients creates the experience of linear fragrances. Our invigorating unique blend of Bergamot, Sage, Spices and Leatherwood create a bold long-lasting perfumes.


A scent that perfect for your daily holiday activity, a long lasting fragrance with fruity touch and romantic twist. The fruity opening by Raspberry, Strawberry shines with luminous Grapefruit sparks, while Lily of The Valley, Violet and Peony as the heart balancing and softening the fruity opening with romantic twist. Base notes of the compositions create a soft closure with cashmere wood and soft vanilla.


The scent that capture the fresh energy. A blend of fresh and woody scent combining the full intrigue of aLime, Ginger, and Frozen mint. Resulting in a vibrant results for your precious intimate moment.


A perfect scent for summer activities. With sparkling opening from Bergamot, Mandarin and Grape fruit, combined with Lotus, Freesia and Waterlily create a fresh summery vibe that will suits your daily activities. The Amber and Incense closure empowered the shifting scents.

Möhler Indonesia - New Flavor Paste Varian!

Mohler Indonesia is one of our Group Members specialized in food ingredients. Currently the have 56 kinds of flavor which of course in the year of 2022, the number will goes up. Started at early 2022, Möhler launched 3 new Variants which are Cappucinno, Tutti Frutti and Grape.
You can find out more their updates on Mohler Official

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