PT Intan Chemical

IAA Essential Oil Workshop


It is very important that essential oils be pure before you use them with your body. The authenticity of essential oil can make or break how it supports your systems. Take lavender, for example. Real lavender is great for applying topically to promote skin regeneration. However, apply fake lavender and your problem might get worse.

Unfortunately, fake essential oils are very easy to make in a lab. All they need to know is the genetic makeup of essential oil and they can replicate it into a counterfeit version that isn’t effective or can even be harmful.

Another issue with essential oils is that they might be partially pure, but then have been “stretched” using various chemicals and other adulterants. This saves the counterfeit essential oil companies a lot of money, but ultimately produces an essential oil that’s still unhealthy. Fortunately, there are a few ways to identify a fake versus real essential oil.

On 30th October, one of Intan Chemical Group members, PT. Triefta Aroma Nusantara becomes the main sponsor of the IAA’s Workshop in, “Bongkar! Seller Nakal Penjual Essential Oil Gadungan” which will unravel on how to find out fake essential oils.

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