PT Intan Chemical

Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition Dubai 2023

In a dazzling display of innovation and aromatic excellence, Intan Chemical Group recently made waves at the Gulfood Manufacturing event held at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre from November 7 to 9. The event, which showcased the best in the food and beverage industry, provided an ideal platform for Intan Chemical Group to unveil the latest offerings from its subsidiary companies, BénBérg Arôme and Triefta Aroma Nusantara. Intan Chemical Group’s participation at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 emphasized its position as a seasoned player in the industry. With a history rooted in decades of experience, the organization continues to set the standard for innovation and quality.

Integrated seamlessly with Intan Chemical Group, Triefta Aroma Nusantara exemplified Intan Chemical Group’s dedication to presenting the natural wonders of Indonesia. The showcased products proudly highlighted the rich, authentic flavors derived from Indonesia’s abundant natural resources.

Indonesia is renowned for its extensive variety of spices and herbs, each contributing distinctive flavors to the country’s culinary heritage. From the warmth of cloves to the citrusy notes of lemongrass and the earthiness of turmeric, Intan Chemical Group’s products celebrated the richness of Indonesian spices, providing a glimpse into the country’s flavorful traditions.

Intan Chemical Group’s commitment to sustainability was evident in its sourcing practices. The natural products on display were not only a testament to Indonesia’s biodiversity but also underscored the organization’s dedication to ethical and environmentally conscious ingredient procurement.

The Intan Chemical Group team actively engaged with event attendees, providing valuable insights into the intricate process of flavor creation. Interactive sessions and tastings allowed for a deeper connection, fostering an appreciation for the craftsmanship and stories behind each product. 

As Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 concluded, Intan Chemical Group emerged as a standout presence, reinforcing its global leadership in the flavor industry. The unified showcase of BénBérg Arôme and Triefta Aroma Nusantara under the Intan Chemical Group umbrella highlighted the organization’s commitment to delivering exceptional flavor experiences. With a rich history and a forward-looking approach, Intan Chemical Group continues to bring the essence of Indonesia to the global stage.

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